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Horsemanship Day Camps

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What should Campers Bring / Wear?

Summer Horsemanship Camps

Every Camper who attends Sun Pony Ranch Horsemanship Camp will have their own horse for the week. In addition to learning to ride, they learn how to care for their horse, groom and tackup, feed, and sometimes participate when the farrier or vet comes to visit. Campers embrace the concept and are excited about learning the responsibilities that come with caring for their own horse. Read on, below, for more information about our camps.

Ages: 8 to 14
Schedule: Camp is from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm Monday - Friday.
Registration: Summer Camp Registration Form
Cost: $395 *

* Early Bird Discount: Register by April 30th for only $370
* Multiple Weeks or Campers Discount: Take an additional $25 discount for the 2nd week or camper.

Open spaces stats updated: 6/7/17

Open Spaces Camp Week Starts Ends
Wk 1 5/29/17 6/2
Wk 2 6/5 6/9
Wk 3 6/12 6/16
Wk 4 6/19 6/23
Wk 5 6/26 6/30
  No camp week of 7/4    
Wk 6 7/10 7/14
Wk 7 7/17 7/21
Wk 8 7/24 7/28
Wk 9 7/31 8/4
Wk 10 8/7 8/11

On the first morning of every Camp week, Campers' expereince is reviewed and the personality types of each of our horses are discussed so that each Camper can have input into which horse they will be assigned for the week. Campers also choose whether to ride English or Western style. Typically, two Campers share a horse, and they work together to learn how to care for their horse.

Campers are taught how to groom, how to select tack that is appropriate for the horse and the rider, and are in charge of getting their horse ready for each days lessons. A typical day will include 2 Riding Lessons for each Camper - a saddle lesson and a bareback lesson. Other daily activities include cleaning stalls, feeding, caring for equipment, and as the opportunity arrises, watching during a farrier or vet visit.

On Friday, camp culminates with a non-competitive "Horse Show" put on for parents, family, and friends. Campers brush their horses coats to a shine and decorate them in their own way. Then it is time to ride and show off their new skills. The Campers have a great time all week, but they especially love this day! What a great time is had by all. The horses enjoy all the love and attention and the Campers enjoy the exhibition of their handiwork and riding ability. The spectators enjoy seeing what the Campers have learned and accomplished.

Sun Pony Ranch Horsemanship Camp is a great place for kids who want to learn about horses and learn to ride. In an atmosphere of partnership, camaraderie, and fun, Campers learn to work with others for their common interests and goals. They also learn to bond with, and become partners with, their horse. They do this through taking ownership of, and responsibility for, their horse, using gentle guidance and leadership from their instructors and counselors.

Spring Break Horsemanship Camps

Spring Break camp is just like our Summer Horsemanship Camp, but due to the weather at this time of year the days are a bit shorter and activities are dependent upon the weather (There is no horse show at the end of Spring Break Camp). Regardless, every camper will get plenty of riding and “hands-on” time with the horses each day.

Ages: 8 to 14
Schedule: Camp is from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday - Friday.
Registration: Spring Break Camp Registration Form
Cost: $295

Open spaces stats updated: 4/25/17

Open Spaces Camp Week Starts Ends School District
Spring 1 3/13/17 3/17 Thompson R2-J School District
Poudre School District
Spring 2 3/27/17 3/31 St. Vrain Valley School District
Boulder Valley School District

Little Buckaroos Ranch Camp

Our “Little Buckaroo” Campers will learn about Cowboys, Cowgirls, and life on a ranch. They will learn and practice feeding and taking care of their own horses. Campers will learn and practice safety around horses and around the ranch. They will get to ride, try out some ranch chores, and have special ranch fun every day. Activities are all age appropriate for these younger kids and our Camp Counselors are ever-watchful to make sure all Little Buckaroos are comfortable with each activity. If a Camper is timid or apprehensive of an activity, like riding their horse with a side-walker, they are gently encouraged, but never pushed beyond their comfort level. 

Ages: 5 to 7
Schedule: Camp is from 10:30 am - 2:00 pm Tues - Thursday
SPRING Registration: Little Buckaroos Registration - SPRING
Cost: $140

Summer Registration:Little Buckaroos Registration - SUMMER
Cost: $155

* Early Bird Discount: Register by May 7th for only $140
* Multiple Weeks or Campers Discount: Take an additional discount for the 2nd week or camper.

Open spaces stats updated: 6/7/17

Open Spaces

Camp Week


Ends Corresponds To:
Bucks Spring 1 3/14/17 3/16 Thompson R2-J School District
Poudre School District
Bucks Spring 2 3/28/17 3/30 St. Vrain Valley School District
Boulder Valley School District
Buckaroo Week 1 June 6 June 8 Big Kids Camp Week 2
Buckaroo Week 2 June 13 June 15 Big Kids Camp Week 3
Buckaroo Week 3 June 20 June 22 Big Kids Camp Week 4
Buckaroo Week 4 June 27 June 29 Big Kids Camp Week 5
Buckaroo Week 5 July 11 July 13 Big Kids Camp Week 6
Buckaroo Week 6 July 18 July 20 Big Kids Camp Week 7
Buckaroo Week 7 July 25 July 27 Big Kids Camp Week 8
Buckaroo Week 8 Aug 1 Aug 3 Big Kids Camp Week 9

Little Buckaroos Expansion Classes

If your Little Buckaroo is looking for more riding classes - check out our Little Buckaroos Expansion Classes.

What should campers bring / wear?

Waiver: All campers must have a signed waiver on the first morning of camp. If your camper will not be dropped off by a parent or guardian, please download our waiver, sign it, and have your camper bring it with them.


  • Long pants
  • Hard soled shoes with a heel
  • Wear sunscreen (we have more for reapplications)
  • Lunch, including a drink (NO Glass Bottles)
  • Hat with a brim is useful

Sun Pony Ranch will provide:

  • Safety Helmets
  • Drinking Water



We offer English and Western riding lessons for both children and adults. All abilities are welcome!

Group Lessons (aged 8 and up) are 6 week sessions, 1 1/2 hours a week, up to 6 students.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons (ages 2 1/2 and up) are available by appointment.

Summer/Spring Break Camps

Our Spring and Summer Horse Camp (8-14 year olds) is 5 consecutive days, 9:30 - 2:30. Campers are each assigned a horse to work with all week, and have two riding lessons a day.

Our Little Buckaroos Ranch Camp (5-7 year olds) is a 3 day camp, 10:30 - 1:30. They work with our most experienced and trustworthy horses and ride every day.

1 Day Intro Clinics

Our Introduction to Horses Clinics are a one-time session to introduce working with horses and riding - a perfect opportunity to gague interest in getting more involved. We have clinics for all ages, from 2 1/2 through adult.


We offer long term leases on some of our horses which grants the leaser the opportunity to come out and ride on your own a few times a week.

Our Horses

We have a wonderful herd of 11 lesson horses who are different ages, breeds and temperments. We can find the right horse for you!



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