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Sun Pony Staff

Owner / Instructor and Day Camp Director:
Ginger Fedak

Ginger has created the Sun Pony Ranch program from the ground up, starting in 2004. She has had a lifelong interest in horses since she was a small child. Once she began riding and training seriously, she accumulated over 20 years of experience with horses, including 11 years as a Riding Instructor. She has taught English and Western Riding of varying levels to both Children and Adults. She has also contributed many hours as a volunteer for Colorado Horse Rescue.

Barn Manager / Instructor
Tiffany Knight

Tiffany has been an instructor at Sun Pony Ranch since 2010, in 2016 she became our resident Barn Manager. Tiffany is also a Vet-Tech at CSU Vetrinary Hospital.


Sun Pony Lesson Horses

Jordan * Shoshoni * Romeo * Rio * Jack * Taiga * Mulan * Katie * Manny * Sport * Kyra


Breed: Thoroughbred (with Jockey Club Tattoo), 17 hands, Gelding

Jordan was adopted from Colorado Horse Rescue by Sun Pony Ranch owners, Monica and David. He was their personal (mostly Monica’s) horse until we founded Sun Pony Ranch. His early years had a short racing career. After that, another owner, and then Monica, used him mostly for dressage.

We only had to work with him a little bit to get him used to being a lesson horse, and to learn the Western Riding discipline as well. Jordan’s personality is definitely that of the herd leader. We don’t know at what age he was gelded, but he clearly thinks of himself as the stud muffin. The reason Jordan was originally turned over to the Colorado Horse Rescue was because of a hock issue. He needed hock injections and could no longer hold up to high level, demanding performance work. As a lesson horse, he certainly didn’t care for his “limitations,” and would love to take off with riders who dug in their heels (usually by accident). And, he loved to Jump! He didn’t like it that we were limiting him to lower 12” and under jumps because of his hock. He would jump the cavaletti like it was a 2 ½ foot jump! Today he is still the “Big Boss” of the herd. And, he is just as spunky as ever. He still has lots of energy that the more advanced riders can channel into lovely dressage. When he goes into his soft canter, or lope, we call it the “Rocking Chair Canter” because it is so smooth and easy. Because of this, he is the first choice when riders are ready to try their first bareback canter.


Shoshoni Breed: Paint, 14.2 hands, Mare

When we purchased Shoshoni, she was only 4 years old, but well trained by the young man we bought her from.  Her owner before him was not good (abusive), and Shoshoni had obvious trust issues and only trusted her current owner.  We believed we could earn her trust, and she had the willingness and sweet nature that would be workable to turn her into a lesson horse.  It took a lot of patience and understanding on our part to get her over her fears from her past abuse, at a very young age, from her first owner.  She was afraid of lead ropes, bridles, and anything that looked like something that could be used to hit her.  She did learn to trust us, and soon learned to love the kids who came to lessons and camps, bringing carrots. 

She became a major “Goal Horse” for kids and adults alike, to work up to.  We were fond of telling them, “Shoshoni has 2 favorite speeds:  ‘Walk’, and ‘Run as fast as you can!’”  Her spunkiness and wanting to gallop when asked for a canter, made her the perfect lesson horse to challenge the better riders.  She was originally a Western Ranch horse in her first 4 years.  She took quickly to the English discipline and learned to jump.  She can easily clear 3+ feet.  Today she has evolved into a wonderful, mature acting horse for the youngest Beginner riders in Lesson situations, understanding she needs to go slow and steady with them.  However, she still requires more Advanced Riders if an instructor is not present.  She is extremely responsive and fun to ride.


Breed: Appaloosa, 15.1 hands, Gelding    

When we bought Romeo, it was apparent that he was very well trained (Western), and exceptionally athletic.  His loving nature and craving for attention earned him his name.  Romeo has personality plus, and was very willing to learn the English discipline.  He quickly learned to Jump, and does it with ease.  He is a solid, strong guy and he has learned to be both an easy horse for Beginners, and a horse that can help the better riders to the next level.  He is quick to respond to leg cues, and you don’t want to kick him to go or you will find yourself going much faster than you intended! 

On August 1, 2015, Romeo tore a tendon in the pastern area of his left hind leg.  To save him, we committed to extensive Platelet enRiched Plasma (PRP) treatments (similar to stem cell treatments) and also IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein) injections.  The vets said he would have to be on Stall Rest through the Winter and be off work for 9 to 12 months.  He was healed enough to be back in the lesson and camp programs for 2016, and has returned to his status as being a super special lesson horse for all ability levels. 


Breed: Arab/Morgan, 14.2 hands, Gelding 

We purchased Rio from a woman who had saved him from the “kill” lot, where “unwanted” horses end up when their owners don’t want them anymore, and they can’t find another buyer.  “Kill buyers” purchase these horses cheaply, usually at auctions, and ship them off to Mexico or Canada to slaughterhouses.  It is a disturbing fact, and one we would like to see an end to.  Many wonderful horses end up this way, simply because a child outgrew their desire, or the owner could no longer afford them, or other unfortunate circumstance that was no fault of the horse.  Rio was one of those, and we soon started calling him our $10,000 horse because he could do anything!  He was our best, patient Beginner horse for kids and was athletic enough to learn more advanced disciplines.  It didn’t take too much training and conditioning to become a beautiful, natural jumper.  The little guy could clear 3 ½ foot fences easily with an Advanced Rider.  He developed a condition of “fallen pasterns,” and wears special “boots” on his hind legs for extra support.  He remains a super lesson horse for Beginners and up, and all kids who come to our Horse Camps


Breed: Standardbred, 15.1 hands, Gelding

When Jack came to us, he had been used as a Trail Horse by his previous owner.  She told us he had been born and bred by the Amish, and knew how to pull a buggy.  We found him to have the right temperament to learn how to become a lesson horse and he quickly adapted to his new role.  When we first got him, it was apparent he had never jumped before as he kept tripping over even the low cavaletti.  It seemed like he was a bit of a klutz, but he quickly responded to training for both English riding and jumping.  He is now quite fancy under English saddle and a beautiful jumper!  Jack has a mischievous personality, and will always open his stall door by himself if his rider forgets to close it all the way until it clicks into place.  He then prances out, with nary a backward glance, to the nearest patch of grass and starts grazing!  Jack has a condition called “heaves’” which is very much like allergies or asthma in humans.  It is kept under control by feeding him hay pellets and beet pulp instead of hay, and giving him prednisone during Spring and Summer.


Breed: Saddlebred Cross (registered Pinto), 15.3 hands, Mare

When Taiga came to us, she had been kept mostly as a “pet” by her owner for the past 4 years.  We could tell she had training, and was a nice mover.  We understood we would have to train her to be a lesson horse, and work on her “Mare’s” attitude.  Taiga is tall, sturdy, and strong – a wonderful horse for our adult riders who are taller.  Taiga can be a little lazy, so she is perfect for Beginners of any age who might be a little nervous about going too fast.  Taiga never has that issue!  Taiga still doesn’t have the best ground manners, so we always have a staff member with any students who are grooming or tacking her up.  Once the rider is up, though, Taiga is wonderful and very easy to ride.  Her trot is really easy for Beginners to learn to post.  Taiga has also become a very beautiful jumper. 


Breed: Morgan, 13.3 ¾ hands, Mare

We got our beautiful Mulan from the Dumb Friends League Harmony Horse Center where she had been taken in as an impound.  She was a hard horse for them to adopt out, because she was so spunky and difficult to ride, as far as controlling her speed.  She loves to go fast, fast, fast!  And, due to her small stature, most adults good enough to handle her didn’t want her.  However, when Ginger rode her at HHC, she loved her immediately, and thought she would be a wonderful horse for our most Advanced Riders to learn a lot of new skills with.  The Advanced students worked on getting her to rate (controlled speed) to a normal canter, rather than take off at a gallop every time.  They also worked with the Instructors on teaching her to jump – and she does fly over jumps!  Her temperament is a sweet as can be, so she is also useful in our Little Buckaroos programs, where the smaller kids can groom her with no fear, and ride her with a Counselor side-walker.  In late August, 2016, Mulan scratched her eye on something out in pasture.  Immediate treatment was started, and we and the vets tried valiantly to get it to heal.  However, instead, it kept worsening, until finally we had to take her to CSU Equine Hospital for surgery to remove her eye.  She is now our cute little “Pirate,” still full of spunk, and learning to live and work with one eye.  She is doing great!



Breed: Quarter Horse type, 14.2 hands, Mare 

Katy’s story is another one that has a “dark side:” She was born in a Premarin (Hormone Replacement Therapy drug made from Pregnant Mare Urine) producing facility where the mares are inhumanely kept tied in narrow stalls, continually hooked up to urine collecting apparatus.  When the foals, like Katy, are born, they are considered disposable by-products and most end up in the slaughter pipeline.  A caring couple stepped in and adopted Katy and another foal.  Both foals were sickly and the other foal died.  Katy survived and got strong and her owner has her with us at Sun Pony Ranch, to enjoy the students and all the love they give her.  Katy is an excellent horse; exceptional with Beginners, and fun to ride for all abilities.  As a “Red Roan,” Katy has dramatic seasonal color changes: very dark, nearly solid reddish brown in Winter; nearly white body with dark red mane, tail, stockings and face in Spring shedding season; and a lovely, evenly white flecked red roan in summer.  Katy is “Boss Mare” in our herd.


Breed: Quarter Horse, 15.2 hands, Gelding

Manny is a big, strong, beautiful black, feisty horse belonging to our farrier. Brad wasn’t able to ride Manny enough to give him the exercise he needed, so he lets us use him in our lesson program. He is ridden mostly by the Intermediate to Advanced riders because he can be a bit of a challenge.

Manny is good for them to learn on. He had been used Western, but now has learned English and Jumping as well.


Breed: Trakehner (Warmblood), 16.3 hands, Gelding 

Sport has had a long, distinguished career as a competitive Dressage Horse, and has been ridden by one of the most respected Dressage riders in the world.  After his competitive career was over, he was used in the lesson program at William Woods College, helping to teach serious students the Dressage discipline.  There, he was the school horse of one of our former Sun Pony Ranch students (and Camp Counselor), Joanie.  When Joanie graduated from William Woods in May of 2016, she retired Sport and brought him home with her.  She knew that Sun Pony Ranch would be the perfect place for Sport to enjoy his later years, basking in our large pastures and having little kids loving on him.  He has found his niche as our elderly statesman, doting on the Little Buckaroos who he packs around on his back at their special camp.  He is gentle and kind with the little ones, who feed him lots of carrots!  In pasture, he still has lots of vim & vigor, because he is in the company of two beautiful mares (Shoshoni & Kira), whom he has claimed as “his girls.”  A great retirement life, where he gets to be a horse without all the rigors of work and having to live full time in a barn. 


Breed: Friesian/Shire cross, 16.0 hands, Mare

Kyra is a big, beautiful girl with super long mane & tail (Friesian characteristic).  Due to unfortunate mobility and health issues of her owner, she was never fully trained for riding, beyond the basics.  Therefore, she is considered a “green” horse.  However, she has beautiful ground manners and sweet temperament for kids.  We have taken her into our lesson program for our Advanced students to learn about training a “green” horse who needs lots of patience and clear commands to learn.  As our students advance in their abilities to more expert levels, they can still learn a lot through learning to train.  Kyra is a nice addition to our program for this purpose.




We offer English and Western riding lessons for both children and adults. All abilities are welcome!

Group Lessons (aged 8 and up) are 6 week sessions, 1 1/2 hours a week, up to 6 students.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons (ages 2 1/2 and up) are available by appointment.

Summer/Spring Break Camps

Our Spring and Summer Horse Camp (8-14 year olds) is 5 consecutive days, 9:30 - 2:30. Campers are each assigned a horse to work with all week, and have two riding lessons a day.

Our Little Buckaroos Ranch Camp (5-7 year olds) is a 3 day camp, 10:30 - 1:30. They work with our most experienced and trustworthy horses and ride every day.

1 Day Intro Clinics

Our Introduction to Horses Clinics are a one-time session to introduce working with horses and riding - a perfect opportunity to gague interest in getting more involved. We have clinics for all ages, from 2 1/2 through adult.


We offer long term leases on some of our horses which grants the leaser the opportunity to come out and ride on your own a few times a week.

Our Horses

We have a wonderful herd of 11 lesson horses who are different ages, breeds and temperments. We can find the right horse for you!



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